Light Curtains - Press Safety

Light Curtains - Press Safety

The Guardstar B Series light curtain has been designed as a compact, intelligent unit capable of answering current and future demands within the guarding industry.

Advanced electronics are at the heart of the New B Series with extensive use of powerful surface-mounted micro-processors and Guardstar's Application Specific Integrated Circuits, (ASIC).

Flexible Interface: An emitter and receiver pair function as a self-contained system which is capable of safety functions without additional equipment.

Construction: The tough one-piece aluminum extruded body measures only 35mm (1 3/8") x 45mm (1 3/4") providing integrated appearance on the machine. It's strong enough for the toughest industrial environments and has excellent resistance to vibrations and impacts. The use of ASIC electronics also means a greatly reduced component count for higher reliability and simple servicing.

EN 61496 Type 4 Design: This is the highest level of the most stringent standard in the world. CE certified and marked. (Independently third party approved.)

To order Guardstar Light Curtains please specifiy:

  • Length (8" to 72", as indicated by the chart below)
  • Beam spacing (14mm, 30mm, or 70mm, see chart below)
  • Emitter and Receiver cable lengths (15', 30', or 98' lengths are available)
  • Controller type (controller types are listed below)

Toledo Guardstar Controllers:

(All units are control reliable and have a minimum of two safety outputs)

  • BSRUB - Economical compact Din Rail mounted. (Requires 24VDC)
  • BSRUA-2 - Compact Din Rail mount to interface with two sets of Toledo Guardstar Light Cutains. (Requires 11/240VAC or 24VDC)
  • BSRSA - Self contained unit in a metal enclosure. Can be wall mounted and is ideal for existing machines. (Requires 11/240VAC or 24VDC)

Available Sizes

Length Spacing
In. mm 14mm 30mm 70mm
8 208
12 308
16 408
24 608
32 808
36 908
40 1008
48 1208
56 1408
64 1608
72 1808


  Standard Option
Redundant Fail-Safe Solid State PNP
Self-contained 2 unit system  
EN 61496 type 4 design  
Compact, rugged, simple to install  
Beam blanking (Fixed & Floating)  
Flexible interfacing  
Robust one-piece aluminum extruded
  body measures only 35 mm (1 3/8") x
  45mm (1 3/4")
Detection Capability, 14mm, 30mm, or
CE Certified and Marked. Third Party

OSHA Standards

Name Format Link
OSHA Requirements Webpage


Type Name Description Link
Standard Product Power Supply Light curtain power source -
Standard Product BPU 2 Unit Unit for fixed and floating
Standard Product Laser Alignment Tool Tool for easy and precise
Standard Product Floor Stands Used for mounting free-standing
  light curtains
Standard Product Mirrors Available in sizes ranging from
  8" to 56"
Service Installation On-site product installation


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